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  • 460.09 CHF

    2018 Radar Denunzio KneeboardNo other board on the water today turns and cuts as easy as the Denunzio. With maximum width through the body of the sidecut, the Denunzio also has a low drag coefficient and launches off the wake, yet still carves like a narrower slalom style shape. The state of the art pad has knee wells and high angled footwalls hold...

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  • 262.14 CHF

    2018 Radar Hawk KneeboardA narrowed tip profile and 3.2" swallowtail define the easy edging slalom style Hawk. Removing surface area from the tip allows the board to roll and hold on edge and the swallowtail speeds up turn finish and increases holding power by keeping more effective edge in the water behind the balance point. The retractable fins can...

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  • 213.99 CHF

    2018 Radar Magic Carpet KneeboardUpdated for 2017! Our new modern kneeboard shape has a recessed EVA foam pad and single handle hook for the little ones to climb aboard. The new design has increased surface area further forward for stability and more pronounced molded in fins make it easy to ride. Single locking strap included. Features - Single...

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  • 69.54 CHF

    2018 Radar Kneeboard / Freeride Package

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  • 48.14 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Powerlock Strap  Features - Single-locking kneeboard strap- Soft padding strap for comfortable rides- Intuitive design for all ability levels

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  • 74.89 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Pannolock Strap  Features - Double-locking kneeboard strap- Thick webbing design for maximum durability- Upgrade your kneeboard today!

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  • 123.04 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Pannoshock Kneeboard Seat  Features - Inflatable shock absorbent kneeboard seat anatomically designed to fit any rider- Shock system cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off ankles, knee's and lower back for effortless riding- Weighing under 1 pound for less added weight to your ride- Quickly air fill and deflate for easy...

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  • 347.74 CHF

    2018 Connelly Scarab KneeboardThe Scarab kneeboard is the source for fun on the water for the whole family. The retractable fins and twin tip design lets you dial in the performance for any style of riding. Set the handle in the front hook so you can use both hands getting your knees set in place. A 3'' thick, soft contoured pad and plush knee strap...

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  • 310.29 CHF

    2018 Connelly Mirage KneeboardThe Mirage was designed to blend a high performance, twin tip shape with a long sidecut radius for a stable, relaxed ride. The built in handle hook makes learning simple. Set the rope in the front hook while adjusting your knees into position. Secure yourself into the plush kneepad with an adjustable Velcro strap while...

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  • 486.84 CHF

    2018 Connelly The Thing Multi Purpose KneeboardThe Thing is set up to do anything you want behind the boat whether it's on a long rope, short rope, or no rope at all. You can surf it, use it as a kneeboard, stand up like a wakeboard or a set of skis. A front handle hook will hold the rope while you get up to speed, making it easy to use for any...

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  • 310.29 CHF

    2018 Connelly Kick Multi Purpose KneeboardThis fully equipped multi-purpose soft-top board is a must have for any boat, beach or pool. Surf, skate, boogie, lay down, stand up, this board can handle it all. The Kick features ding free soft construction, and is fitted with a ultra-grippy, soft sanded EVA pad. Two 3.5'' removable fins can be used for...

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  • 556.39 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Agent Kneeboard  Frankie Panno's Pro Model Kneeboard When you watch Frankie Panno ride, you know you are witnessing something special. No one attacks the wakes like Frankie and his creative eye for cutting-edge stunts is single handedly pushing kneeboarding to new heights. HO is fortunate to have a legend and leader pushing kneeboarding...

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  • 417.29 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Joker KneeboardOriginally designed in 1994 by Tony Klarich, The Joker has become the best-selling kneeboard of all time. Beginners and serious shredders alike choose its proven high performance shape and symmetrical profile. The square tip and tail shape and 2-stage rocker design maximizes pop off of all wake sizes forward and backward....

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  • 486.84 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Driftwood Hybrid Kneeboard  Freestyle Cable Kneeboard The Driftwood, formerly known as the Reflex, is the first board ever designed for cable-park freestyle riding. It's fully machined wood core allows for flex across features while the Sintered Enduro Base keeps it super durable. With a 45 degree Micro Edge Bevel, 360 degree ABS...

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  • 310.29 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Proton Kneeboard  Features - Easy-Up Handle Hook- Surf Inspired Shape- Retractable Fin System- Deep Tracking Channels for stable landings- PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap

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  • 278.19 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard  Features - Easy-Up Handle Hook- Snowboard inspired Side Cut- Continuous Rocker- Molded in Fins for maximum control- Large Orthotic Knee Pad for Comfortable Ride- PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap

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  • 251.44 CHF

    2018 HO Sports Electron Kneeboard  Features - Diamond tip and tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation- Molded in Fins for maximum stability and control- Large Orthotic Knee Pad for Comfortable Ride- PowerLock Single Locking Knee Strap for maximum comfort and ease of use

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